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The Media Girls
- working together to bring about change in our communities, our nations & our planet.

The Media Movement; Non-Profit; New York City, NY; NYC; Jersey City, NJ; Free Education Program; Video classes; Film Classes; Writing Classes; Logical Fallacies; Philosophy; Critical Thinking; Political and Economic Positions for Women and Girls;  Minority Education Reform;  Jersey City BOE; Paterson, NJ; Ridgewood, NJ; Glen Rock, NJ; Hawthorne, NJ; State College, PA; Bellefonte, PA;  Boalsburg, PA; Los Angeles, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Baltimore, MD.   



The Media Girls are part of the registered non-profit The Media Movement.  Our sole purpose is to empower women and girls to become leaders by using media to make change in their communities, their nations and the world.  We offer a FREE, YES FREE, leadership program for ANY teenage girl or adult woman; the program teaches critical thinking and media skills - video and film production, the power of social media etc.  The skills our students learn, whether they are 13 or 90, will help them realize their dreams.  It is time to encourage girls and women to lead!!!!  

We are not affiliated with any political party or religion.  Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your race, cultural heritage, physical and mental capabilities, education level or attitude.  The Media Girls is all inclusive, never exclusive.  We understand that minority girls face a particular disadvantage, and while we hope to enrich those who fall into that category, it is important to remember this is a program for EVERYONE.  One woman can make a HUGE difference!!  And if you are under 13, don't worry, we are working  to create an educational program just for you!! 
And if you are a mother or a grandmother and don't have time to enroll
in our free classes but want to help, visit us at: 

If you are not a female and want what we have, you are in luck! 
  Please visit our brothers at: 

email:  themediagirls@yahoo.com
telephone:  646.379.0488



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